JD Bahi- A renowned name of the animation world

The animation world has seen some of the best animators of all times and JD Bahi is one of those. He made his career at a mere age of 21 by working for one of the top animation companies in Japan. Experts from the animation industry are stating that Bahi is a rising star in the animation planet and with passing of years his work will be distinguished among some of the professional animators of the world. JD Bahi was born in Austria. He started his work as a GIF animator at the age of eighteen. His first animated GIF was uploaded on Youtube, which became so popular that one of the top animation companies in Japan hired him for his work. Since then, he has been working continuously for the Japanese animation firm and has left a mark on the animation world. JD has worked on various animated videos and games that are known all across the world.

Some of the renowned animators who had seen the GIF animation by JD Bahi stated that he has a good knowledge of animation and drawing which is a perfect combination of work that are required in today’s animation world. JD said that he was inspired by the work, which he saw online and decided to put up his work online. With time, JD started working actively by showing off his skills on different forums and networks. With his success, JD is working from the comfort of his home for the animating company in Japan. The success story has become an inspiration for various budding animators who are willing to show their skills online.