2D Animation Fee New Delhi

There was a time when 2D animation was considered so expensive that making a full length feature film was thought to be a foolish idea. Walt Disney was laughed at when he announced ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ since people thought it would never be able to recover its costs. The movie went on to become a resounding success and today, animated films are quite common. This was possible only because of the Cel technology that Disney introduced, and today, because of that, the 2D animation fee New Delhi is surprisingly affordable.

The 2D animation fee, New Delhi, is obviously dependent on the requirements on the animation, like the type of detailing requested by the client and the quality levels. It would also take into consideration the length of the animation, since the 2D animation studios in New Delhi do not just make animation for movies but also for websites and audio-visual presentations.

The lowest 2D animation fee New Delhi would probably have to be for flash animation which is one of the most basic forms of 2D animation and is used commonly on websites to make them more dynamic and interesting. Because Flash Animation is so affordable, there are a number of sites that are using it, which reiterates the fact that 2D animation fee Delhi is something that more people can afford than was previously possible.

2D animation is also used for corporate presentations where the companies require the presentation to be more interesting when viewed. The 2D animation fee New Delhi for these presentations is dependent on the length of the presentation, and the level of information that has to go into it.