2D Animation Fee New Delhi

There used to be a time when 2D Animation was a very expensive proposition. In the initial stages of the medium, 2D animation was quite labour intensive and, thus, quite costly. When Disney introduced the Cel technology, where, instead of drawing every component of frame again and again, one could draw each component in a separate Cel, the cost of production went down considerably. This was mainly because one did not need to repeatedly draw static characters or the unchanging background in each frame. Today, with most of the labour intensive work done by the computer, 2D animation fee New Delhi is much less than what it used to be, and considerably lower than the rest of the world.

2D animation fee New Delhi is fairly dependent on the type of quality and detailing required by the client. Most of the 2D animation done by the studios today is not movie based work. A considerable chunk of it is for websites and corporate presentations. Websites use 2D animation like flash animations which convert a static site into a more dynamic and interesting one. Flash animation is the simplest and cheapest form of 2D animation since it is so basic. 2D animation fee New Delhi for flash animation is very low which is why it is quite accessible to a greater number of people.

Corporate presentations are animated by companies to make more interesting presentations for their employees or customers. To get a better estimate of the 2D animation fee New Delhi for such presentations, it is better if the client has a very clear idea of what he wants. This way it is easier for the animation company to calculate the costs.