2D Animation Studios can Make Animated Characters Come to Life

2D animation studios are creators of 2D animation cartoons which are drawn manually or are bitmaps or vector graphics. These images are 2-dimensional, hence the name. 2D animation differs from 3D animation as that is digitally modelled and manipulated by the animation artist whereas 2D animation uses techniques like tweening, morphing, onion skinning, and interpolated rotoscoping for character movements. However, these are not the only methods of creating motion in 2D animation, and 2D animation studios actually make a lot of difference to the quality of production.

2D animation studios are responsible for the expressiveness and the ‘acting skills’ of the animated characters. The acting that happens in an animation is the result of the animator’s pencil, and this is just as true for computer generated animation. The 2D animation studios can make the difference between a character that follows the script and a character that has ‘personality’.

Personality of an animated character would include the nuances of expression and the character would be multilayered and believable. This not only makes the character more interesting, but also makes the movie more complex. A well-rounded character’s actions are a reaction to his environment instead of just following the script and story. Good 2D animation studios would ensure that the characters they make fulfil these criteria.

Another very important aspect of animated acting is consistency. The animated character should be consistent in his acting as well as reaction to situations in the story. Well thought of and well planned characters lead to a richer movie viewing experience