32TEN Studio Ready With Their New Animated Series

San Rafael, California based model shop at 32TEN Studios recently wrapped work on a stop-motion animated, national TV spot promoting Kraft Foods’ new Honey Maid’s Grahamfuls product. The team at 32TEN designed and built the characters and a lunarscape in this new spot. It is a whimsical stop-action film in which a robot tries to extract snacks from the surface of the moon with a pickax along with which is reprimanded by a park ranger. The ranger and robot tug at either end of a Honey Maid Grahamful until it splits open. The television spot was the brainchild of aspiring child filmmaker Wyatt Jebef, whom 32TEN Studios aided in bringing his idea to life.

Launched in early 2012 by Tim Partridge and Greg Maloney, 32TEN Studios is a production facility and VFX services provider located in San Rafael. The company provides its services to producers of major motion pictures, independent films, TV programs, commercials, industrials, web content and multi-media projects. A voice-over narrator says, there are simpler ways of showing you that new Honey Maid Grahamfuls have peanut butter and chocolate filling, but we helped Wyatt make his crazy idea instead. A wider shot then shows an 11-year-old boy hovering over the landscape model, as Wyatt Jebef, Filmmaker, appears on the screen.

The industry experts are stating that, this work done by 32TEN studios is one of the best. The creator of the show stated that, the team has been working hard and have taken use of some of the best animators in the industry so that they can create this wonderful animated show.