Amazing Spiderman Rocking on Disney XD

The animated series of amazing Spiderman has touched new heights in the renowned children television channel Disney XD. The channel recorded the collection of maximum revenue from the show. The CEO of the channel stated that it is a record, which has been formed as the show collected the maximum TRPs. The managing director of the channel looking into the working across UK and Ireland stated that, the show has recorded a maximum number of viewers since the animated series of amazing Spiderman was launched in the channel. Along with this, he also stated that, it also shows the interest of kids towards marvels, as they are keen to watch the shows of marvel, which are broadcast on the channel.

The show has reached the top in no time as it is watched the most. The animated show is especially for the boys who are in the age group of eight and twelve. The show was already being aired on Disney XD in USA but the remarkable outcome of the show in UK and Ireland was not expected. The managing director stated that the popularity of the show has helped in having the maximum number of viewers.

Some of the best patrons of the animation world were roped in for making this animation series. The story of the young boy fighting his inner demons is being liked on the channel of Disney XD was stated by the Marvels CCO. New chapters of the show will be aired soon on the channel, which is expected to get marvelous response from the viewers.