Animation Houses

Crest Animation Studios might be one of the first animation houses in India to have a movie made by them nominated in the Oscars. ‘Alpha and Omega’ is a movie telling the story of two young wolves whose attitudes could not have been more different. Circumstances force them to work with each other and they find love blossoming. The film, which is a co-production between Crest and Lionsgate, has been included in the list of movies eligible for an Oscar nomination.

Film maker A.K. Madhavan, who is also the CEO of Crest Animation Studios, says that the only things stopping the Indian animation houses from more such success stories, are lack of finance, design sensibility and original story ideas. Animation movies cost much more than live action movies and the money to make them is just not available to Indian Animation houses. There is also a lack of the global design sensibility. He claims that this is not something we can’t do, but something that will take time for animation houses in India to develop.

Lack of original stories is also something that concerns Madhavan. He points out that, most Indian animations are based on mythological characters, which is not something that the kids of today are excited about. Instead of stories that they have heard many times, they would prefer to watch original stories. Indian animation houses would need to come up with those if they intend to create more such success stories. His prediction is that it would take at least at least five to six years for the Indian animation houses to catch up.

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