Animation Studio in Greater Kailash Delhi

Animation is becoming a huge business in India with international studios queuing up to get their production done here. Interestingly, the hub of film making is not the hub of animation production as well. Mumbai, though famous for its film industry, is not the only centre for animation production. Surprising at it may seem, Delhi is seeing a spurt in the growth of the number of animation production studios because of the burgeoning production industry in the city. Today, it would not be difficult to find an animation studio in Greater Kailash, Delhi, or Malviya Nagar Delhi.

Animation in Delhi is growing rapidly because of the increasing number of production houses that are starting here. Most new production houses are opting to set up base in Delhi instead of Mumbai and this has led to a greater demand for animation services in Delhi. Having an animation studio in Greater Kailash Delhi, Malviya Nagar Delhi or even Hauz Khas Village Delhi is beneficial since these areas are centrally located and are all cheaper compared to some of the surrounding localities.

While the primary customers of animation houses in Delhi are film production studios, there is also a huge market for them in non-film fields as well. An animation studio in Greater Kailash Delhi would also find clients who want animation for their websites. Flash animation is a cheap and easy form of animation that can transform a static website into a more dynamic and interesting one. Similarly, there are plenty of corporate houses who prefer to get animated presentations made for their in-house meetings as well as for customer communications.