Are you ready to laugh on yourself? Learn to make your own cartoon avatar

Making celebrity cartoons and comic characters is an easy task, but making your own cartoon is something difficult. However, this trend is creating buzz these days as people are quite fascinated with the cartoon avatars and wish to have their own. With advancement of internet and online technology, it is extremely simple to cartoon yourself. One of the quickest and the most common method to get your own cartoon amidst the comfort of your home is the online website mainly focusing on this procedure. You can easily upload your favorite picture on the website and the company sends you the same cartoon avatar of yours and that also free of cost. You must definitely try this out if you really wish to have some fun. Another method is to take help of a freelance professional cartoon artist. It’s not difficult to find such an artist as these days you may spot them at any mall or outside movie theatre. So next time while waiting for the movie to start or in between your shopping you can get your funny looking avatar within minutes. However, these freelancers charge little amount for their services. But for a professional cartoon of your face, you must visit a cartoonist’s studio and cartoon yourself. But beware go to these studios only if you are ready to burn your pocket as these professional cartoon portrait designers charge a huge amount only to make you funny!