Best Animation Company India

Indian animation companies have acquired a high degree of respect in the international animation community. More and more international companies are approaching animators in India for their production needs. However, in spite of this, not even the best animation company India has been able to make an animated movie that has achieved world recognition. While Crest Animations may have had their production nominated for the Oscars, even they have not produced a film that is not funded by international companies and yet is world class. Why is that?

Some experts have come up with certain reasons for this phenomenon. These are:

  • Animation and animated films not taken seriously in India: Animation has always been taken as children’s entertainment in India. This has led to fewer investors putting money in animated ventures, even if it is the best animation company India producing it.
  • Indian animators do not have enough funding: Animation is expensive and high quality animation especially has a high production cost. However, with not enough producers and investors putting in adequate money into the field, it becomes difficult for even the best animation company India to produce high quality animation films.
  • There is a dearth of original stories for animation: Indian animation has largely been dependent on mythology and folklore for stories. While this was a novel way to present these stories some years ago, now the audience wants newer and fresher stories. Mythological tales are known to almost everyone and they lack the freshness and the contemporary feel of an original story.