Biggest Production House of Delhi

As we all know, the Indian film industry has always been associated with Bombay, or Mumbai as it is known now. While Delhi was the official Political capital of the country, Mumbai was the unofficial economic and entertainment capital of India. However, recently, there has been a change in the trend as many of the new production houses are showing a preference to set up their base in Delhi. This, in turn, has resulted in a growing number of animation studios sprouting in the city. Animation has a very close relationship with motion picture production because nearly every form of video today, and the biggest production house of Delhi, has some amount of animation requirements.

Animation is not just restricted to cartoons and animation films in the modern film industry. There is a large portion of animators who work with regular movies for special effects. There are a lot of times when a particular shot is physically impossible to shoot for anyone, including the biggest production house of Delhi, and is created through animation. There are other situations where the cost of a scene could be so high that even the biggest production house of Delhi would not be able to afford it. This is also recreated through animation.

These animation studios may add certain effects to a non-animated scene during the post production, or make certain sequences where real actors interact with animated characters. There are numerous such instances where even the biggest production house of Delhi may require the services of an animation company.