Boom Toon deciding to launch the best animation software for kids

Boom Toon is one of the renowned developers of 2D animation software. They have won dozens of awards from Emmy for developing some of the best software, which has revolutionized the animation industry. Recently they decided and declared to develop a new web portal which will be dedicated to kids who are interested in making cartoons. The makers of this web portal have stated that it would be a good source of knowledge for those kids who want to have a platform where they can learn everything about 2D animation. This web portal will be called as Boom Goggles. The makers of this animation software will be putting in their latest and advanced level of animation software, which kids can take into use with ease. Along with this, online assistance will also be provided to the kids working online so that they can get the required information on using the software.

The experts are stating that it is one of the most exciting phases for the community available online who want to have software that can help them in learning and enhancing their animation skills. News portals are covering this blazing news and stating that it would a breakthrough for the kids as they will be able to learn something new and would be able to express themselves with use of animation. As boom goggles has already been launched, Boom Toon are calling in the kids to show their potential with animation by uploading their work and using the 2D animation software that is available on the portal.