Cairo Studio Animation 2D

Foremost in the animation industry and especially animated films have been the American studios , which brought to the mainstream characters and movies appreciated the world over. They were the forerunners and revolutionised the field of animated films. The animation industry of other countries however, started on a smaller scale with local mythology, folklore, and traditions. Indiaanimation is a one such industry that built on its rich culture of mythologies.  In the same manner, Cairo Studio for animation (2D)also made its debut with cartoons and animated films on local traditions.

The founder ofCairo Studio Animation (2D) was Dr. Mona Abou El Nasr in 1988. She provided the Egyptian audience animation steeped in the tradition African/Arabic folklores that the audience could relate to. Her contribution to the Cairo animation industry started with a children’s TV series for called ‘Kany and Many’.

From then on Cairo studio animation (2D)created many cartoons for the Arabic speaking world, including ‘Sindbad the Sailor’, which was popularity beyond the Arabic speaking population to China, Qesas El Tabaeen, Latif Tales etc. The first Egyptian character to gain popularity in the Middle East and Egypt was ‘Bakkar’ in the year 1997.Revolving around rural Egypt, the children’s cartoon won the hearts of many adults as well and Bakkar is still a popular and well-known character.  Cairo studio animation (2D) created it’s first adult animation series called ‘Mr Amin’s Family’ nearly 15 years after they first started out.

Cairo Studio Animation (2D)was the pioneer inanimation in Egypt and have the latest technologies at their disposal. Their expertise includes short films, media production, 2D and 3D animation, advertising and clay animation production among other things.