Cairo Studio Animation 2D

The main source of animation and animated films for the rest of the world has been the American studios which have made innovations and breakthroughs in the field of animation. However, the animation industry of certain countries has taken off on the wings of local mythology, folklore, and traditions. Indian animation became a force to reckon with after certain mythological stories were animated for the Indian audience. Similarly, Cairo Studio for animation (2D) started because there was nothing to fill in the gap for indigenous Arab themed animation.

Cairo Studio Animation (2D) was started by Dr. Mona Abou El Nasr in the year 1988 to provide animation that was rooted in the Arabic tradition rather than importing foreign animation for entertainment. Their first major production was a TV series for children called ‘Kany and Many’ a year after the company was launched.

The next large scale project by Cairo studio animation (2D) was based on the character of ‘Sindbad the Sailor’ from ‘The Arabian Nights’, and this series not only became very popular in the Arab world but also in China. In 1997, the company produced a cartoon character ‘Bakkar’ who was the first Egyptian character. The story provided an insight into the life and problems of the rural Egypt. After all these series for the entertainment of children, Cairo studio animation (2D) created a series for the mature audience called ‘Mr Amin’s Family’.

Cairo Studio Animation (2D) has been steadily expanding and has a very well equipped studio with some of the best facilities in the cartoon industry. They have also expanded into clay animation production and some 3D graphics as well.