Cartoon Production Companies in UK

Animations and cartoons are enjoyed the world over. Even though traditionally considered kids’ entertainment, these are viewed and enjoyed by adults just as much as by children. Even though most of the cartoons and animated films that have become very popular are given to us by American studios, the production of the animation itself has quite often been outsourced. Outsourcing of production happens because cartoon production companies in UK, Europe, and America are much more expensive than most of the Asian nations. Recently, the trends show that the most popular animation outsourcing destination is India.

India obviously offers the price advantage over cartoon production companies in UK, Europe, and America, but there are other cheap production places which India supersedes because of other reasons. While it is logical to assume that a lower price would mean lower production quality, it is not so. The lower price is largely due to the exchange rates as the Indian Rupee is much lower in value than the American, British, and European counterparts. Also, the cost of animators per hour is lower as well. The fees for animators in the cartoon production companies in UK, Europe, and America are quite high since they are skilled technicians.

Other than the Low rates and the high quality of production, the main point that is in India’s favour is the language advantage. Cartoon production companies in UK, Europe, and America have the English language in common and this is the language of communication with the animation vendors. With Indian animators, the communication is easier than with a lot of other South East Asian nations which works out to India’s advantage.