Characters from Columbia Pictures during the 1930s revive online

The renowned production house Columbia Pictures has decided to launch their long forgotten animated characters of the 30’s from the show Scrappyland. McCracken Harry has decided to launch those characters with help of a website and blog so that kids are able to know about them with ease. The website and blogging portal will be named as Scrappyland in which exciting things about the characters will be told. Along with this, merchandise from the show, which was aired during the 30s, would be available for the kids. Harry stated that, starting the blog is the best method by which they will be able to tell today’s generation about the epic animated characters.

Harry along with his team of experts has started working on the blogging site and has accumulated information about the characters. Along with this, Columbia Pictures is also excited about the new blogging site, as they were the one who started the production of this animation characters during the 1930’s. Harry stated that, as the blogging has started, it has now become easy and simple to manage and navigate the things, which is now more fun. People are now attached to the site by posting their comments along with gathering information about the characters.

Experts from the animation industry and Columbia Pictures have stated that, only Henry would have given the forgotten characters the right place. The experts also stated that, the website for blogging Scrappyland has become the best platform for kids to know about the epic cartoon characters.