Cheap 2D Animators

Advertisements today are not the simple short films like they were some years ago. In order to keep up with technology, almost all media are now dependent on animation, and cheap 2D animators and 3D animation studios are in great demand.

Animation, which people always associate with cartoons, is in fact a method of creating non-photographic frames, making it easier to produce action that might not be possible with regular filming. Since animation is so popular, many companies are using animated ads and short animation on their websites. Those who can afford it, go for 3D animation which is more expensive but gives extremely life-like results. Those who have budget constraints hire cheap 2D animators which are considered a lesser technology than 3D but can be just as effective.

The simplest form of 2D animation is flash animation, which is the most used form for websites. Most cheap 2D animators use flash animation to create ads and mini-clips for websites. However, flash animation generally produces results that are not completely smooth. While this is fine for websites where lighter files work better, most ads and motions pictures need finer quality. There are other, more expensive, ways of creating 2D animation, but none are as expensive as 3D animation.

3D animation creates a 3-dimensional object grid which is then manipulated into movement with the help of a virtual skeleton, as compared to 2D animation which is a series of images. Since the process involves the creating of every part of the object, it generally takes more time than 2D animation. Both forms have their pros and cons which you need to evaluate according to your needs, whether you are looking for cheap 2D animators or high-tech 3D animation studios.

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