Childrens Illustration

How Encouraging Children’s Illustrations Contributes to their Education

Everyone knows how encouraging children to read is aided by books that are filled with childrens illustrations and are bright and attractive. These illustrations can be used to ignite the curiosity and desire to learn in the child. While reading out to a child from a book with plenty of childrens illustrations, you can always try and notice where the child is looking and discuss that particular image.

However, another way of encouraging the learning process in children is by encouraging them to express themselves through illustrations and poems. Childrens illustrations are more of an expression for the child than just pre-verbal entertainment. Young children with limited vocabulary often prefer to express themselves through drawings.

By encouraging childrens illustrations, you are also encouraging them to be more aware of their surroundings and experiences. This is expressed initially with pictures but later on, words also start becoming incorporated. Childrens illustrations and words complement each other to help them achieve more depth and sophistication in expression.

Children’s creativity should be encouraged and they should be offered means of expressing themselves. Childrens illustrations could be made using various techniques like traditional painting, dry colours, collages, printing, or other less traditional activities. Besides using 2D illustrations methods in childrens illustrations, kids can be encouraged to express themselves with other 3D art forms like clay moulding, origami and other options. By encouraging a child’s attempts to express himself, you can encourage him to actively learn more. This in turn makes a huge effect on the literacy and education  of the child in the future.

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