Cookie Jar Animation Ready With Their Nee Series

Cookie Jar Animation announces Cartoon Network’s (US) launch of newly acquired action series Scan2Go this September. The action adventure, car-racing series will blast off starting September 1 at 7 a.m., Saturday and Sunday mornings. Audiences will join main character, Kazuya (Kaz) and his team when they leave the small planet earth to follow a phenomenon of great car battles taking place in outer space where each racer aims for the title for the universe’s number one racer. Director of Beyblade, Bakugan and Dragon ball Z, Scan2Go is a Japanese-Korean-Middle East co-produced anime TV series by D-rights Inc., New Boy FZCO, SBS Contents Hub and Stonebridge Capital Inc is into directing this new series.

MGA Entertainment will also launch the Scan2Go toys and accessories in North America for the very first time along with Cookie Jar Animation. Each Scan2Go car will come with a set of distinctive power and turbo cards containing innovative technology that allows kids to activate power and turbo sequences while racing, making Scan2Go IC powered cars the only racing cars in the cosmos with cards that directly affect the performance and speed of the car. Also available will be Scan2Go tracks and track extensions, and racing cards sold separately. The industry experts are stating that, this is one of the best efforts of Cookie Jar Animation to give the kids something, which they can cherish for a lifetime. The CEO of Cookie jar stated that, they have taken use of the experts and professionals in designing the new series, which will start this September.