Difference between 2D and 3D Animation

There is a myth that animations are for kids. Simply because we grew up on animations being stereotyped as cartoons, most of the population are not aware that there is another side to animation that engages the adult population as well. Take for example non animated movies with special effects, advertisements shown on TV and even in computer games. These animations, both 2D and 3D, are also functional for business purposes. Entrepreneurs add them in their websites to promote their site and increase traffic and also in corporate presentations to make them more lively and attractive. More and more uses are added to the list as more and more channels and innovations are getting discovered. This increase has led to a boom in the demand for animation which in turn has allowed for the Indian animation industry to expand and develop.

Despite the fact that 2D animations productions are time consuming, the industry is still growing rapidly because it is economical. To understand what 2D is better, let us compare it with its more advanced counterpart: 3D. 2D animations are basically hand-drawn or computer generated animations that show motion by way of rapid movement of different frames with the character showing slight changes in position in each frame. The rapid movement makes it look like the character is moving. On the other hand, 3D animations are only computer generated with a virtual skeleton that is used to move the character. The 3D animations are less time consuming but more expensive than 2D. With a reduced cost, and considerable reduction in the process timing due to computerization, 2D animations can be a very good option.