Illumination Entertainment Joins Hands With Fuji Televisions

Santa Monica-based Illumination Entertainment (Despicable Me, The Lorax) and Japanese leading broadcaster Fuji Television have made a strategic alliance in Japan. The deal brings together the creative expertise of Chris Meledandri, founder and CEO of Illumination, and Fuji Television’s senior exec managing director, Chihiro Kameyama. While no immediate co-production plans have been announcement, the partnership will kick off in September 2012, when audiences will see the iconic Minion characters from Despicable Me appear on the Fuji Television logo accompanying their theatrical release of Bayside Shakedown.

Kameyama said “Despicable Me was Illumination’s breakout hit and, for us, the film’s memorable characters represent the Illumination brand. To highlight our new alliance, we wanted to blend the Minion characters with our logo. Audiences will begin to see the Minions on the Fuji logo across most of the film releases from Bayside Shakedown.

At Illumination Entertainment, they take inspiration from all around the world, and they are evolving the film making model to transcend borders and languages,” said Meledandri. “When Kameyama-san and Illumination Entertainment began talking about a possible alliance, they were interested in how they can collaborate creatively and steadily build a partnership to their mutual benefit. Fuji Television is a powerhouse company with iconic status in Japan, and they are delighted to be in business with them.”

The industry experts are stating that both the firms have a name in the animation industry. When Illumination Entertainment will start working with the television giant, they would create wonders that would be remarked in the world.