Indian Animation Houses Provide Better Services at a Lower Rate

After the recession that hit the world in 2009, most companies all over the world have been trying to recover. There have been cutbacks, lay-offs, and even companies shutting down. In the face of all this, Indian companies seem to be doing quite well. In fact, in the recent years, Indian Animation Houses have been getting more business than usual. Here are a few reasons why this is so:

1)      The Indian Economy: India showed the world how stable its economy is during the recession. While the world struggled to come out of it, India was not overly affected at all. This was also evident in the way the Indian animation Houses continued to provide high quality service at low rates.

2)      The Value of the Rupee against the Dollar, Euro, and Pound: The Indian rupee is much cheaper than any of these currencies, which means that the producers from these companies would find it very cheap to get Indian animation houses to do their production as opposed to animation houses in their own countries.

3)      The Considerable Expertise Gathered by Indian Animation houses: Indian Animation Houses have been established for a while now and have gathered much experience while working for international production houses. They are also technologically at par with the world. Thus, any animation that is produced with them would not be lacking in technology or resources.

4)      The Language Advantage: On top of all the advantages listed here, one of the decisive ones turns out to be the fact that Indian Animation Houses have animators who are fluent in English which makes communication easier, and leads to better quality.