Indian Animation Houses-Room for Improvement

India’s first animation to get a movie made by them nominated at the Oscars is Crest Animation Studios. Crest Animation co-produced the movie ‘Alpha and Omega’, which is a tale of two absolutely different characters who are thrown together. These characters, who are wolves, are complete opposites of each other when it comes to their outlook in life but they discover that they love each other when they are forced to collaborate in order to get out of a sticky situation. This Oscar nomination was made by two animation houses, Crest Animation Studios and Lionsgate.

According to Film Maker A.K. Madhavan, the man responsible for ‘Alpha and Omega’ and the CEO of Crest Animation Studios, Indian animation houses are held back by three simple issues which are responsible for there not being more such success stories. These three factors, according to him, are the lack of finances available to the animation houses in India, the lack of design sensibility, and the lack of original story ideas. This, he says, is not something we are incapable of but something we will need to develop.

According to Madhavan, lack of original stories is concerning. He feels that our stories are too mythology-based, which is not something the youth of today is very interested in. They would rather watch new and original stories as compared to old tales that they already know. This is something Indian animation houses would need to work upon in order to make a mark in the world of world animation.