Indian Animation Houses

Indian animators are looking at the best time of the industry. International production houses have discovered the advantages offered by Indian animation houses when it comes to animation production. Earlier, whenever animation needed to be outsourced, western production houses went to the traditional South East Asian animators who were supposed to be very cheap. However, recently Indian animators have been making their mark in the industry and are being sought after by international production houses.

There are three main reasons why Indian animation houses are becoming so popular which are listed below:

1)       Cheap animation: Like all other South East Asian countries, India too offers cheap technicians. Because of the conversion rates, rates in Indian animation houses are much lower priced than North American or European ones.

2)       High quality: In spite of the lower rates that Indian animation houses offer, the quality that they produce is world class. Indian animation houses have some of the best animators in the world that can produce movies that are at par with any animation done anywhere else in the world.

3)       Language Advantage: Indian animation houses offer high quality at a lower rate than the western animation studios, but that is something that is true for all South East Asian animation houses. What India offers is the language advantage. Indian animators are fluent in English which makes them better at lip-syncing the animation with the dialogues since those are recorded before the animation is made. Since North American producers record the sounds before the animation, this language advantage works heavily in India’s favour.

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