Itchy & Scratchy Gets Censored By Russians

It looks like Russians are not going to be able to enjoy the super-violent Itchy & Scratchy segments on The Simpsons, thanks to a new law banning displays of violence, drinking and smoking before 11 p.m. The means the Russian TV channel 2×2 will cut all the cat-and-mouse segments out of the long-running animated series beginning this Friday. “We will retouch in an ironic way all the programs where there are scenes that fall under the new law,” general director Lev Makarov told the press. “For example we will black-out the screen and write a jokey message in a rolling caption.”

The law came into effect this July and is aimed at “protecting children from information causing harm to their health and development,” says According to Makarov, Kenny and his friends on South Park will not get the same treatment because that shows airs after 11 p.m. The makers of the show stated that they would be able to show something else in place of the things, which are banned or censored while screening Itchy & Scratchy. The channel director even stated that, it is a sort of blow for the channel as the segments, which are banned, are the best part of the show. Taking to the Russians who implemented the new law and censored some of the scenes from the show Itchy & Scratchy stated that, it is for the good of the society as some parts, which are being shown in the show, are not appropriate for the kids who watch this show.