Itemization of 2D animation studios

There was a period when Walt Disney in order to focus upon 3D animation had almost shut down its 2D animation studio. This might sound a bit undesirable for a company that is pretty top on the itemization of 2D animation studios. In fact, it was even counted as the best by few. However, at that point of time, 2D animation was considered as an old technology. Hence any time or efforts invested in it was regarded as waste.
However, presently the scenario has altered and 2D animation has found a novel popularity and subsequently itemization of 2D animation studios in on rise. The development of 2D animation technology has not only made it easier but also cheaper to create 2D animation and it has effectively found market in variable fields other than films.
2D animation in its early stages was considered as tedious as well as time consuming process since each film frame was to be hand drawn and every minute of film comprised of 1440 frames. So, it required great number of animators to just render the frames. This made it quite expensive to create 2D animation and was probably the most essential reason why there were not many contenders on itemization of 2D animation studios.
At present era, with innovation of Cel technology, 2D animation has turned instant and simple. Also, with increased utilization of computers for 2D animation, itemization of 2D animation studios is not only increasing but also finding more optimal takers in media which incorporates website makers, corporate houses, and many other small businesses that cannot afford 3D animation.