Knock-Knock animation app by Dan Lund

One of the renowned animation app designer, Dan Lund, has decided to launch one of the craziest animation application that will be loved by people willing to take use of different 2D animation applications. Dan is a famous animation application developer for Disney and has been associated with the brand for quite a long time. This animation application designed by Dan will be on the Knock-Knock jokes that are loved all across the world especially by kids.

Initially animation app will be tested for iPhone and iPads. Various animated characters are designed for this, which will be loved by the kids. This new application is designed on a voice user interface that will make the fun line of this animation even more exciting. One major advantage of this application is the group setting in which kids will be able to interact with various other users of this application online.

Dan has won numerous animation awards including an Emmy for the extraordinary work he has done using this technology. Dan has also won accolade for the fantastic work done for movies like Lion King, Aladdin, and many more. The animator was quoted saying that he got the inspiration from his nephew and niece. This animation app will have more than sixty jokes along with different 2D animation work and some of the best artists for voice over have been included in this work. Tucker John along with Kroner Arno is included by Dan for designing one of the best 2D animation applications that will be enjoyed by every person using it.