List of 2D Animation Studios India

Although most people are not aware of it, animation encompasses a wide range of usages than just cartoons for kids. 3D animation is used for special effects in movies and ad films, as well as computer games. Even 2D animation, which is what traditional cartoons were, is being used for a variety of other functions, like websites and corporate presentations. Since there is an increasing demand for 2D animation, the list of 2D animation studio India is growing rapidly.

The difference between 2D animation and 3D animation is that 2D animation is flat 2D sketches that could be hand-made or drawn on the computer, while 3D animation is almost completely made on the computer. It involves making the character in the form of a 3D ‘wire mesh’ with a virtual skeleton that is used to manipulate its movements. 2D animation used to be tedious because of the manual efforts required, but this is now changing and the list of 2D animation studio India that are practicing it is fast growing.

2D animation is being used by a lot of other fields along with entertainment for children. Because of the lower cost of production due to the computerization of the process, it is affordable for a greater number of people and businesses than before. This is why the list of 2D animation studio India’s clients is also growing. 2D animation is being used by websites that are aiming to look more dynamic than the static sites. These sites use flash animation which is a simple form of 2D animation to achieve a better look. 2D animation is also being used for corporate presentations.