Multimedia Production Houses

There is no restriction on what the medium of entertainment is. There are text based entertainment sources like books, or images based like picture books or certain magazines. The audio medium is the most popular with music being a much loved art form. Just as there are many media of entertainment, there are also forms that use multiple media to create one form, known as multimedia. A comic book might be considered a mix of text and images. A music video combines the media of images and audio. Other forms may even combine more media than just two. These are created by Multimedia Production Houses.

Multimedia production houses are capable of creating and mixing different media like audio, images, animation, video, text, and interactive content forms. A video that uses multimedia might require special information content processing devices to create, record, or play it. Electronic media devices that are used to store or experience multimedia content can also be referred to as ‘multimedia’.

There are several multimedia production houses in India, including several animation production houses like Crest Animation, which produced a highly successful 3D animation film ‘Alpha and Omega’ which made its way to the Oscars. Disney Animation and Pixar are two world famous multimedia production houses which are animation-intensive. In Delhi, there is Showboat Entertainment which is an upcoming animation and multimedia production house that provides high quality entertainment. Their team of skilled technicians, animators, and illustrators ensure that all graphic and animation needs are fulfilled to the customer’s satisfaction.