Production Houses for Children’s Films

The recent years have seen an ever growing market for all things associated with children. With nuclear families on the rise and parents with more disposable income, people are more willing to buy commodities specifically for kids. An increased awareness of children’s needs has also contributed to an ever increasing segment of the market devoted to kids and their products, whether it be entertainment or education or even luxury products. As a direct result of this, there are a growing number of production houses for children’s films.

Children’s entertainment has become a prime concern for parents. With nuclear families, it is not possible to have an adult monitoring the children all day long. Thus, most parents find themselves relying on the television to babysit their children. Since the standard fare on television is usually not suitable for children, the production houses for children’s films come to their rescue.

Cartoons have been the staple in children’s entertainment since many decades. Most of the present adult generation has grown up on a steady dose of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry, Roadrunner, and so many more. Production houses for children’s films, like Walt Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros. Animation, and other companies, have been steadily producing animated films which are suitable for children as well as adults for a complete family entertainment.

India is also seeing a rise in the demand for children’s films though there are no specific production houses for children’s films yet. This gap in the market is trying to be filled up by companies like Showboat Entertainment that are successfully producing high quality animation films for kids as well as adults.