Renowned Animated Series Mia and Me Debuts on KIKA

Suited as one of the best-animated series over the television, Mia and Me made its appearance on one of the most renowned German television channels KiKa. The success of the show made the remarkable presence over the television channel for kids in Germany. The show, which has won several awards as the best animated cartoon series for kids, was aired for the first time over the German channel KiKA last week. Since its first show over the channel of Germany, it has touched the heart of little girls as this show is all about the story of a little girl who gets into a magical place with help of a magic portal.

This animated series is said to have touched the mark of more than three billion viewers since it started over KiKA. The reports stated that, maximum numbers of viewers of this show were girls who were aged between three and thirteen along with girls who were aged in the group of twelve. It is a long series with different chapters about the mystical journey about the little girl to the place, which is full of elves, unicorns, dragons and various other magical creatures.

The owner of KiKA in Germany stated that they are lucky to have this show on air as this has helped the channel in getting the maximum amount of revenue. The CEO of the channel stated that, this show is a feather in the cap of KiKA. Along with this show, various other animated series are being aired which are popular among the kids.