Renowned Disney Characters In A Fashion Show

Barneys New York has collaborated with Disney for their Electric Holiday campaign and fashion show for the renowned Disney characters, set to début at Barney’s Madison Avenue flagship store on November 14. Part of this promotion includes a film about Minnie Mouse’s fantasy to attend Paris fashion week”. In it, Mickey Mouse will be dressed in Balenciaga, Minnie Mouse in Lanvin, Goofy in Balmain, Daisy Duck in Dolce & Gabbana and Snow White in Nina Ricci. Nice for characters created during the Depression, this is quite a step up. However, they follow the emaciated super-model look in a pathetic effort to be trendy.

Meanwhile, Popeye the Sailor has been hawking healthy Spinach products for decades. Now Taylor Farms is starting a new line of Popeye branded “Super foods” with a license from King Features/Hearst. Notice anything different. Popeye no longer has his pipe. It is not on the packaging or any other product that has been marketed. The makers of this wonderful series will be seeing some of the best and renowned cartoons of all times. The best animators have been taken into use so that they are able to design the characters and give them a new form for the show. As this would be a fashion show, the brands, which are promoting their clothesline, are also excited about this feature, which is going to be hosted in the month of November. On hearing this news, people are eagerly waiting for the fashion show to start, as they would be able to experience their favourite cartoon characters in a new avatar.