SciGirls Season 2- Set for a Bang

PBS series SciGirls, which aims to engage girls nine and thirteen in science, technology, engineering and math, has announced comprehensive multimedia plans for its second season, kicking off in October. Shot in reality televisions verity-style, SciGirls bright, curious, real girls get the new season off to a splashy start with an underwater robotic adventure, produced in association with the Office of Naval Research. The season sails along as other teams of SciGirls and their mentors engineer an ice-cream-making bike, design a ground breaking earthquake app, get the buzz on urban bee keeping, use real forensic methods to solve a mysterious crime, and more. Animated characters Lizzie and Jake are back, still getting into jams that can only be solved by the real-life SciGirls and science, technology, engineering and maths.

The SciGirls creative team is headed by Twin Cities Public Television’s Director of Science Content Richard Hudson, exec producer of the long PBS children’s science series Newton’s Apple and creator of Dragonfly TV and the SciGirls initiative. Co-exec producer is Kathleen Shugrue co-creator of Fetch and producer of ZOOM at WGBH. The show’s animation is created by Boston-based studio Soup2Nuts, producers of PBS Word Girl. Texting, social networking, smart phones, gaming digital technologies are more than just diversions to kids. They are educational tools as common to our viewers as pencils and notebooks were to their parents,” said the show’s executive producer Richard Hudson. SciGirls second season marries the onscreen adventures of our remarkable SciGirls to the power of the web, to ignite girl’s curiosity and change the way they think about science and technology.