Special Screening Of Transylvania At VIEW

The prestigious conference for animation, VIEW, has announced that they will be having a special footage shown on the wonderful animated movie Transylvania. VIEW Conference has announced that award-winning animation guru Genndy Tartakovsky of Dexter’s Laboratory fame will present exclusive footage from his feature film debut, Sony’s 3-D Hotel Transylvania, and discuss the project during the conference-taking place in Turin, Italy Oct. 16-19. Hotel Transylvania takes place in a five-star monster resort run by Dracula (Adam Sandler), who is planning a big bash for his daughter Mavis’ (Selena Gomez) 118th birthday. All the top fiends will be there, but things get chaotic when a regular human (Andy Samberg) stumbles on the place and takes a shine to Mavis. The directors of the movie along with their creative team have given their heart for making this movie a success.

VIEW has previously announced participation by director/sound-designer Gary Rydstrom (Skywalker Sound), writer/director Eric Darnell (DreamWorks’s Madagascar), director Dan Attias, Halo video game series creative director Josh Holmes, writer/director Chris Perry, Academy Award-winning CG pioneer Glenn Entis, Academy Award-winning author and Autodesk Fellow Tom Wujec, ILM VFX Assoc, Supervisor Jason Smith (The Avengers), and others in VIEW.

The creators of this movie have taken full utilization of stop-motion animation technique along with some of the best artistry techniques for giving this movie a real feeling. The movie will be released this summer. Movies made with the use of 3D technology has a cutting edge over the other animated films, because of which, 3D technology is also being used while making this movie.