The growth of Indian animation houses

The last decade has seen a huge boom in the Indian information technology leading to an increase in the number of professionals in various markets such as hardware, software, IT management, online development, graphics and even animation. While Information Technology and computers are primarily seen as technical fields, animation is regarded as something of an anomaly. Animation, as a field, falls under the category of IT but, at the same time, requires a good deal of creativity and innovation on the part of the animation professional. For example, an animated video that is basic in nature will never be appreciated by any viewer or client.

As mentioned above, Indian animation houses have grown significantly in the last few years. The reason for this is the fact that the country as a whole has developed and all the naturally creative Indians quickly adopted new technology to take their innovation to new levels. There has been a major influx of people wanting to do animation with new courses popping up all over as well. However, the real reason why Indian animation industry has been growing at such tremendous rate is the fact that Indian animation houses are able to provide high quality animation content for extremely economical prices.

This economy can be attributed to the fact that India is a fast developing country that is regarded as the new economic powerhouse in the world. Therefore, when an international client comes to an Indian animation house, what he gets is Indian domestic rates for international level work.