Top Viral Video Production Companies in US

A viral video is defined as one that gains public popularity through the process of sharing on the internet. The term ‘viral’ defines its property where each person ‘infects’ those who are in contact with him, thereby spreading the viral video. Video sharing is becoming very popular, especially due to the advent of video sharing sites like Youtube, and social networking sites that allow video sharing like facebook. Because of the wide reach of this medium some of the top viral video production companies in US are looking to use this method to spread their message or their product.

One recent artist who recently acquired a high degree of popularity through viral marketing is teenage singer Rebecca Black, whose song ‘Friday’ is one of the most watched videos even though everyone dislikes it. Several top viral video production companies in US must be hoping to find such artists to make them their claim to fame, like Ark Music Factory did with Black.

However, some of the most popular viral videos were not created by any of the top viral video production companies in US but by individuals who shot the films on their phone cameras or home cameras. One such viral video is the video of a baby being alternately scared and amused by his mother’s nose blowing. Similar popularity was observed by the video of the twin babies ‘talking’ to each other. Baby videos, along with videos of kittens and other pets and their antics, are some of the most loved, viewed, and shared videos on the internet today.