Video about Bruce Lee- The legend

During his all too brief lifetime, Bruce Lee was a trailblazer in a number of different areas, breaking ground as a martial artist, writer, director and movie star. Now you can add viral video sensation to that list thanks to the cool new music video, “Be Water My Friend.” Combining clips from Lee’s films with rare interview footage, “Be Water My Friend” (a.k.a. the “Bruce Lee Remix”) turns Lee’s philosophy into a meditative and strangely soothing electronic musical number. Created through judicious use of auto tune by viral composer Melody sheep, the video proves that nearly 40 years after his death, Lee is still kicking from the afterlife.

Melodysheep has recently become one of the Internet’s most popular remix auto tune artists. After teaming up with PBS, he has really started to trend. John’s week old publication titled, Be Water My Friend, remixes classic Bruce Lee footage, along with which it has garnered over 735,000 hits so far. The music video is featured on Neatorama, Guyism, and The Awesomer.  Bruce Lee gets philosophical and then beats up Chuck Norris. If that is not the essence of cool, I do not know what is. Here he is, remixed and Auto tuned by John D. Boswell, who also gave us the Symphony of Science videos. The success of a viral video about Bruce Lee is dependent on the passion of the consumers who view the video. The message is no longer a chat between friends; growth will occur at exponential rates. As opposed to the word of mouth method, viral videos do not fizzle out.