Why 2D Animation Studios in India are so Successful

It is interesting to note that India has become quite a phenomenon in the international animation market. Indian animation studios are being sought after for production outsourcing all around the world, whether they are 3D or 2D animation studios. Animation outsourcing has picked up really fast here and there are mainly three reasons that have brought this about. These reasons are:

1)      High Quality of Production: 3D and 2D animation studios in India have the requisite technical skills to provide their clients an unusually high quality of production that can compete against the quality of any other country in the world. It is this technical skill that brings in clients again and again to India.

2)      Low Cost of Production: Even though the 3D and 2D animation studios in India produce excellent quality in terms of production, the rates that they charge are extremely low. This provides the companies with excellent value for money as they get the best product at a very low price.

3)      English Speaking Animators: Even though there are several other countries that offer low costs for high quality animation, India stands out of the crowd because most 3D and 2D animation studios in India hire animators that are fluent in English. Because the trend in North America is to record the sounds and dialogues before the animation production, those production houses prefer 3D and 2D animation studios that have English speaking animators as they would give a better result in terms of lip syncing. Also, the language is also helpful in better communication between the directors and the animators.