Why is Indian Cartoon Animation Not in the Same Class as International Animation?

Indian animation companies have seen a surge in the international demand for animation services. Indian animation studios are sought after by almost all production houses over the world. The incredibly low rates with amazingly high quality of production makes Indian animation outsource extremely viable for international production houses. However, in spite of the popularity of these animation studios for outsourcing work, Indian cartoon animation is not in the same league as the international cartoon animation.

Indian cartoon animation suffers from some major problems that are the cause of it not being able to achieve the same quality that these companies manage to achieve for international clients. These problems are as follows:

  • A Reputation of Being Children’s Entertainment: The Indian Cartoon Animation industry is deeply associated with children’s entertainment and is not considered commercially viable for adult entertainment yet. Because of this reputation, there are not many investors interested in investing in the Indian animation industry.
  • Lack of Investment: Animation is an industry that requires serious investment in order to produce high quality results. As there is a lack of investors for indigenous Indian cartoon animation, the quality suffers.
  • Dearth of Original Stories: Indian cartoon animation still relies on mythology for story ideas. This results in stories that are not fresh and original. As the youth has access to international animation which does not lack original stories, Indian cartoon animation seems boring to them.
  • Aesthetics: Even though the Indian design sensibility is growing more international, there is still a huge potential for growth, because of which Indian cartoon animation lacks an international appeal.