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Show Boat Entertainment offers a great variety of story boards. If you need a story, any story, we deliver. From short movies and animation videos to commercials and children's cartoons.

Our illustrators are professionals and we only deliver high quality and unique work. The rough ideas of a client, or even just the purpose of a product inspire our illustrators to bring you the story that will exaclty match it's purpose. All genres are possible, from comedy or cartoon to romance or tragedy. Each and every story board is unique and our clients are amazed with the creativity of our illustrators.

Rough toned pencil storyboards

Dabur coconut oil : Rough toned pencil storyboard

Dabur coconut oil : storyboardThis story board shows a commercial for a coconut oil product. The story is straight to the point and viewers can relate to it. The product is represented very well and the details and descriptions on the story board make the purpose of this commercial clear.

ENO : Rough toned pencil storyboard

ENO : storyboardThis story board is a commercial for a digestive product. The commercial clearly shows the functionality and purpose of the product. The viewer will be able to relate to the story line because it is in a family situation. The product is nicely advertised in this commercial.

Global 2 : Rough toned pencil storyboard

Global 2 : storyboardThis story board shows a combination of an air view and informational parts. These two differences are made into one in the movie. The nicely detailed and explained story board makes the purpose of this story line clear and the images are recognisable to the viewer.

Rough expressive pencil storyboards

Dental Care London : Rough expressive pencil storyboard

Dental Care London : storyboardThis is a very detailed, step by step story board. It is a commercial for a dental office based in the U.K. The story line shows every service they offer in a recognisable way. People are looking for the best of the best nowadays, even if it is internationally and this commercial provides just that.

Gali gali sim sim : Rough expressive pencil storyboard

Gali gali sim sim : storyboardThis story boars shows a short movie about a space adventure. The different characters and variety of space crafts make pay 4 essays it unique and interesting. It is an exciting short movie and the details and story line make it understandable to the viewer.

Monster : Rough expressive pencil storyboard

Monster : storyboardThis story board is a commercial for a job search engine. The story has humor, it's straight to the point and it shows the company's goal perfectly. The ending makes the purpose perfectly understandable. Viewers will be able to relate to this funny movie.

Loose pen on pencil storyboards

Antiseptic Liquid Board : Loose pen on pencil storyboard

Antiseptic Liquid Board : storyboardA story board that describes the script to the detail. The purpose and working of the product is instantly clear and the descriptions make it understandable how the final product is going to look. The product and its working is explained perfectly and the story will be recognisable to the viewer.

MM Mall : Loose pen on pencil storyboard

MM Mall : storyboardThe second version of a commercial story board representing a mall. The details make the storyboard understandable on instant and the comic story makes this short storyboard perfect for a commercial. The explanation with the frames enlightens the story and the intended situation scetch.

Dabur Honey : Loose pen on pencil storyboard

Dabur Honey : storyboardA short story board which urges people to use honey instead of sugar. The commercial teaches it is healthier and its flavors are better. The different scenarios are all recognisable and viewers can relate to the various situations and reasonings. The product is represented very well in the story line.

Painted storyboards

A thought : Painted storyboard

A thought : storyboardA painted short story board for the forest department. Showing a thought which is inspirational. The story line is simple yet easily recognisable, showing the air getting darker and rain coming down as someone walks faster and faster. The coloring make the sensation of this story board realistic.

Blood : Painted storyboard

Blood : storyboardA short story board which makes you stop and think. The frames show bloodstains coming together and forming a man. The meaning behind this story line is made perfectly clear in a very artistic way. Simple yet it has an impact on the viewer and it will make them think about making the world a better place.

Diamond : Painted storyboard

Diamond : storyboardA short and simple story board that is very romantic and the dream of every woman. It shows a man asking a woman to marry him and he hands her a beautiful diamond ring. The story line is appealing to anyone who loves jewelry and in particular women.

Cartoon storyboards

Bitamor : Cartoon storyboard

Bitamor : storyboardThis highly detailed story board shows a story of a vampire who wants to attack a sleeping women. He enters her room but as he takes away the sheets, he notices she is wearing a protective necklace and he flees. The necklace protects against vampires, who everyone fears.

Dabur Honey : Cartoon storyboard

Dabur Honey : storyboardA nicely detailed story board about great service at a luxurous hotel. You can see the services are so great, you can ask for drinks anywhere, eat as much as you want and order what you want, even crackers with peanutbutter. The story is immediately clear and viewers will recognise the great services offered.

Hajmola : Cartoon storyboard

Hajmola : storyboardTwo bags of Hajmola are sitting on a plate on the dinner table. Two different flavors are walking around while the originally show bags are embracing each other. All four flavors are shown and while the two bags of Hajmola on the plate are falling in love, the two other flavors jump to the story board.

Quirky monochrome storyboards

Make your partner melt : Quirky monochrome storyboard

Make  your partner melt : storyboardA nicely detailed storyboard about young love. A simple yet very recognisable storyline about a young boy and girl falling in love. Everyone remembers the first time they fell in love or having feelings for someone else and this short black and white storyboard tells it perfectly.

MM Mall : Quirky monochrome storyboard

MM Mall : storyboardA funny storyboard about a robber stealing a purse. A policeman sees him and starts running after him, but passes the robber to arrive first at the mall. The details make the storyboard understandable on instant and the comic story makes this short storyboard perfect for a commercial.

Rasna : Quirky monochrome storyboard

Rasna : storyboardMen are playing cricket and a boy is watching and dreaming of playing along. His mother is watching too, she makes the drink Rasna. One of the players calls the boy and lets him help with his equipment. The mother brings drinks for the both of them but the boy drinks them both. The man comes after him and the boy makes another Rasna drink for him.