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Digital caricatures

Digital Caricature

The digital caricatures shown in our extensive portfolio below are of high quality and prove the excellent skills of our illustrators.

Digital caricatures offer a large number of possibilities and a wide range of variety we are able to offer. When it comes to digital art, the sky is the limit.

Our illustrators are all professionals and deliver unique and prominent work. We strive for perfection and every single client has been dazzled by the amazing work we have delivered. We make sure the wishes and ideas of our client are illustrated perfectly and we push limits on every digital caricature we create.

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Vanilla Ice : Digital caricature

Vanilla Ice : Digital caricatureThe image is the caricature of the famous rapper-Vanilla Ice who reached to fame by his song “Ice Ice Baby”. The caricature artists have creayed this image on his one of very famous photographs. The man himself has had a roller-coaster ride and this expression has been accurately captured by the animators.

Tom Cruise : Digital caricature

Tom Cruise : Digital caricatureWell, this man needs no introduction. He is the Top-gun in Hollywood and giving him this caricature was the Mission Impossible for our creative team. Tom Cruise is the actor, artist,stylist ,all mixed together. The caricature gives the expression of a big-smile which Tom cruise has been carrying around since his marriage to much younger Katie Homes.

Simon Cowell : Digital caricature

Simon Cowell : Digital caricatureThe caricature of Simon Powell has been created with a very sweet-smiling face which is complete contrast to his on-screen controversial and often crude criticisms. The look given by our caricature artists is a humourous adaptation to his often sarcastic look and language. The famous teleserials like American Idol , X-factor and Simon’s acidic language on them can be juxtaposed with look given to him by our artists.

Randy Jackson : Digital caricature

Randy Jackson : Digital caricatureThe caricature by the artists is of Randy jackson -the famous American bassist , singer ,record producer and music manager.The posture and look in the caricature is of dripping with cinfidence and amiability.Having judged American Idol , he has given way to lot of talent growth.Also he lost 114 pounds due a gastric bypass. The caricature artists have made the caricature shows fit and healthy, which was a contrast to his earlier looks and state.

Paula Abdul : Digital caricature

Paula Abdul : Digital caricaturePaula Abdula-the famous choreographer and singer has been made into a caricature by our artists with her new and present look in the series-American Idol. The caricature artists have made her new look with a humourous touch as she has kickstarted her career again after a decade with the reality show as a judge.

Obama : Digital caricature

Obama : Digital caricatureThe smile that stole the hearts of almost the whole world and made him the most powerful man on this planet earth has been very subjectively captured by the caricature artists in this caricature of Barack Obama.The posture given by the artists to the caricature has been the look and state in which Obama appears on the cover of all the magazines , newspapers, campaigns including the Time magazine and BBC.

Nelson Mandela : Digital caricature

Nelson Mandela : Digital caricatureThe world needs more people like Nelson Mandela in the present times. The calm and peace which reflects on his face in reality has been specifically captured by our artists in this caricature. The face reflects the world with no barriers and global love irrespective of race, colour and origin.

Lil Mama : Digital caricature

Lil Mama : Digital caricatureThe artists have captured Lil Mama in the caricature where she adorns the role of a judge in MTV reality dance competition America’s Best Dance Crew. The characteristic thats been enhanced in this caricature by our artists is her smile and fashion sense.

Jennifer Lopez : Digital caricature

Jennifer Lopez : Digital caricatureThe caricature of Jennifer Lopez by the artists captures her charecteristic arrogant tilt to her chin and face. The singer/actor who has her own fashion line and various perfumes. The lady has a lot of spunk and attitude.And this has been created by the artists in this caricature.

Heidi Clum : Digital caricature

Heidi Clum : Digital caricatureThe caricature by our artists captures the look with which Heidi Klum has appeared on the newpapers and lot of magazines. The artists have magnified her fashionable image through this caricature and her hair style which she has kept for a long time despite many changes in fashion trends.

Clinton : Digital caricature

Clinton : Digital caricatureThe famous cocky smile , the glint in the eyes have been very accurately captured by our artists in this caricature of Bill Clinton. After his scandulous term as the president of America, he is now involved in many humanitarian projects and causes.