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Painted storyboards

Painted storyboards

Painted story boards give our illustrators a better opportunity to express the story with flair and color. The fluency of the paintbrush makes the story boards more expressive and extrovert.

Our extensive portfolio displayed below shows the wide range of genres and purposes of the story boards our illustrators create. From short stories in 2D to product commercials and educational videos.

Our illustrators are professional and creative and our clients speak highly of the unique and high quality work we deliver. The possibilities are endless, we take on any new challenge to make sure the story board is satisfying to our clients.

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A thought : Painted storyboard

A thought : storyboardA painted short story board for the forest department. Showing a thought which is inspirational. The story line is simple yet easily recognisable, showing the air getting darker and rain coming down as someone walks faster and faster. The coloring make the sensation of this story board realistic.

Blood : Painted storyboard

Blood : storyboardA short story board which makes you stop and think. The frames show bloodstains coming together and forming a man. The meaning behind this story line is made perfectly clear in a very artistic way. Simple yet it has an impact on the viewer and it will make them think about making the world a better place.

Diamond : Painted storyboard

Diamond : storyboardA short and simple story board that is very romantic and the dream of every woman. It shows a man asking a woman to marry him and he hands her a beautiful diamond ring. The story line is appealing to anyone who loves jewelry and in particular women.

Jumbo toys : Painted storyboard

Jumbo toys : storyboardA short yet very recognisable story board. Three children are playing and they decide to go watch television. They see a commercial about a toy store and immediately want to go there. Many parents and children will recognise the situation and the company is clearly shown in the commercial.

Noodle cup : Painted storyboard

Noodle cup : storyboardThis story board is short but very clear. A man and woman are driving on a cloudy day. The woman is eating noodles from a cup and offers some to the man. He's happy with it and the weather clears up. The function of the product is perfectly shown and viewers will understand it's a convenient product.

Pain cure : Painted storyboard

Pain cure : storyboardA short, straight to the point commercial. This story board shows a woman laying on a beach chair. She is talking with a man and tells him she has pain in her back. The man has a product to cure it and hands it to her. The product is clearly visible and its functionality is immediately understood by the viewer.