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Medical illustrations

Medical illustrations

Our medical illustrations are of high quality as shown in our extensive portfolio below. They can be perfectly used for educational and many other purposes. Each and every one of them are medically and anatomically correct which makes our collection of high value to medical professions.

Our goal is to provide unique and professional illustrations.

We illustrate what our client has in mind and our clients speak highly of the work we have provided. Detail and accuracy are of great importance for medical illustrations which is exactly what we deliver.

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Human Organs : Medical Illustration

Human Organs : Medical IllustrationA modern illustration of the human organs. This medically accurate image displays the internal view of the human body. A simple, yet clear illustration that can be used cooperatively with medical information. It can also be used for educational purposes such as health, biological and scientific studies.

The Conception : Medical Illustration

The Conception : Medical IllustrationThe union of the female egg and male sperm. A cartoon-like illustration of the human fertilisation. The conception is illustrated in a playfull way which makes it ideal for medical purposes and sex-educations. The use of this image will make the process of fertilisation more understandable to readers.

Semen : Medical Illustration

Semen : Medical IllustrationThis image is an anatomically correct illustration of the human sperm with a touch of art. Because of the amazing details used this image can be used perfectly for medical and educational purposes. By displaying the semen in black and white this illustration it looks professional, accurate and yet artistic.

Test Tube Baby : Medical Illustration

Test Tube Baby : Medical IllustrationAn artistic illustration of in vitro ferilisation with a display of the embryo or fetus inside a test tube. The image makes medical explanations or educational descriptions of the artificial process recognisable to readers. A creative yet simple icon that makes the subject or meaning understandable within a second.

Brainstorm : Medical Illustration

Brainstorm : Medical IllustrationA perfect illustration of the human brain. This medically accurate image is a high quality inside-view of the center of the nervous system. The illustration can be used for educational purposes as well as along medical and neuroscientifical texts. Because of the detailed display of this complex part of the human being it gives a very realistic view.

Pregnancy : Medical Illustration

Pregnancy : Medical IllustrationThis profiled illustration of a pregnancy in its last stage can be of great medical and educational value. Seeing the womb, the baby and the woman's body in proportion makes the stage of the pregnancy clear to the viewers. The details in this image are excellent and make the viewer understand how pregnancy in this stage works.

Thyroid Gland : Medical Illustration

Thyroid Gland : Medical IllustrationThe thyroid gland and anatomy of the throat are perfectly displayed in this image. The high quality of details offers an immediate understanding of the positioning of the thyroid gland and trachea in equation with the facial features and anatomy of the body. The illustration can be used for medical or educational purposes.

Female Reproductive Organs : Medical Illustration

Female Reproductive Organs : Medical IllustrationA very detailed illustration of the female reproductive sex-organs. Because of the quality of the details that are shown this image can be used perfectly for medical and educational purposes. The organs, tissues and female body parts have been illustrated anatomically correct which makes the meaning of the text used with this image more understandable.

Hearing : Medical Illustration

Hearing : Medical IllustrationThe ear is a more complex organ then most people think. Every little detail of the auditory system is illustrated with high quality and can therefore be of use for medical and educational purposes. This image shows the organ anatomically correct and the quality of the colors makes the different parts of the ear recognisable.

Human Mouth : Medical Illustration

Human Mouth : Medical IllustrationThis illustration shows the mouth in whole with great detail of the teeth, tongue, uvula and tonsils. Because of the high quality of this image it can be used for mutiple purposes and could fit perfectly with medical, dental and health related texts.

The Kidney : Medical Illustration

The Kidney : Medical IllustrationA highly detailed illustration of the kidney, renal artery, renal vein and the adrenal gland. This image is perfect for educational purposes and would fit good with medical texts and anatomy studies. The illustration makes the organ and its functionality more understandable because of the display with high quality.

The human brain : Medical Illustration

The human brain : Medical IllustrationThis high quality image displays the human brain from the front and from the side. It is a medically correct illustration showing the human brain, skull and facial features. The image offers a realistic view for medical and educational purposes. The detail and accuracy of the anatomy is of high quality.

Heart - Blood Circulation : Medical Illustration

Heart - Blood Circulation : Medical IllustrationThis top view of the human heart displays the anatomy of the blood circulation perfectly. Due to the high quality and excellent details the illustration can be used for medical and educational purposes. The image makes the function of the human blood circulation much more understandable.

Male Anatomy : Medical Illustration

Male Anatomy : Medical IllustrationAn excellent anatomically correct image of the male reproductive sex-organs. The great detail of this illustration makes viewers understand its functionality in a glance. This image would be a perfect resource along texts with a medical or educational purpose to make the lesson or meaning of your writing more understandable.

Facial Anatomy : Medical Illustration

Facial Anatomy : Medical IllustrationThe internal dispay of the head and neck on this illustration is of high quality and it is anatomically correct. The excellent details you see on this image are of great use for medical or educational purposes. the combination of the anatomy and the facial features makes it perfectly understandable for the viewers.

Skeleton Torso : Medical Illustration

Skeleton Torso : Medical IllustrationA highly detailed illustration of the human torso skeleton and skull. The front and side view make the stucture multidimensional and therefor of great use for medical and educational purposes. The anatomy of the human skeleton in combination with the human body makes the viewer understand positioning and proportions.

Male Reproductive Organs : Medical Illustration

Male Reproductive Organs : Medical IllustrationThis high quality image of the male reproductive sex-organs is of great educational value. Because of the detailed anatomy of this part of the male body is would be perfect for medical purposes. The realistic coloring of the illustration makes the functionality understandable for the viewers.

Hair Follicle : Medical Illustration

Hair Follicle : Medical IllustrationThe profile of the hair follicle on this illustration is of great value for medical and educational purposes. Because of the quality and excellent detail the functionality of the hair follicle is made understandable for the viewer. The realistic coloring and correct anatomy makes the explanatory text with this illustration clear.

The Tongue : Medical Illustration

The Tongue : Medical IllustrationThis illustration displays the full anatomy and functionality of the human tongue. Because of the high quality detail and multiple sided views it is perfect to use for medical and educational purposes. All unique muscles and parts that make the tongue function are illustrated to the detail which makes the image an excellent resource.

Male and Female : Medical Illustration

Male and Female : Medical IllustrationAn amazingly detailed profile view of the female and male reproductive sex-organs. The image is anatomically correct and the excellent use of colors makes the functionality of the organs clear to the viewer. Therefor it is a perfect resource for medical and educational purposes.

Happy Tooth : Medical Illustration

Facial Anatomy : Medical IllustrationThe playfull tooth and toothbrush explains to children how important it is to brush their teeth. It shows clear that teeth are happy when you brush. This illustration can be of great value for medical, dental and educational purposes. It has been proven that children learn faster when being approached in a playfull way.