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Rough expressive pencil storyboards

Rough expressive pencil storyboards

The rough expressive pencil story boards shown in our extensive portfolio below are of high quality and literally express the stories shown.

Our illustrators deliver professional and unique work. The story boards we create range from commercials and cartoons to short movies and digital animation. Anything is possible and our clients are very pleased with the creativity and professionalism our illustrators put in their work. The meaning of the story or the purpose of the product are well represented in the story boards our illustrators create.

We guarantee professionalism and high quality story boards to our clients.

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Dental Care London : Rough expressive pencil storyboard

Dental Care London : storyboardThis is a very detailed, step by step story board. It is a commercial for a dental office based in the U.K. The story line shows every service they offer in a recognisable way. People are looking for the best of the best nowadays, even if it is internationally and this commercial provides just that.

Gali gali sim sim : Rough expressive pencil storyboard

Gali gali sim sim : storyboardThis story boars shows a short movie about a space adventure. The different characters and variety of space crafts make it unique and interesting. It is an exciting short movie and the details and story line make it understandable to the viewer.

Monster : Rough expressive pencil storyboard

Monster : storyboardThis story board is a commercial for a job search engine. The story has humor, it's straight to the point and it shows the company's goal perfectly. The ending makes the purpose perfectly understandable. Viewers will be able to relate to this funny movie.

Rasna : Rough expressive pencil storyboard

Rasna : storyboardMen are playing cricket and a boy is watching and dreaming of playing along. His mother is watching too, she makes the drink Rasna. One of the players calls the boy and lets him help with his equipment. The mother brings drinks for the both of them but the boy drinks them both. The man comes after him and the boy makes another Rasna drink for him.

Maggi : Rough expressive pencil storyboard

Maggi : storyboardThis story board shows kids playing outside together. Suddenly one of them starts hurrying home and his friends follow him. He gets home and his mother has made him noodles with Maggi. His friends are looking as he eats and finally they all get a meal too. A short commercial yet it clearly shows the purpose.

Teadmil : Rough expressive pencil storyboard

Teadmil : storyboardA very recognisable storyboard in this modern world. No one likes to work out and get the feeling the whole world is watching, so in this day and age people prefer to work out at home. This storyboard tells that story perfectly and people can relate to it.

Vatika : Rough expressive pencil storyboard

Vatika : storyboardThis story board shows a short movie about a man with different affairs. He dates different girls and they find out by finding hair of the others in his house. In the end two of the girls get to see each other and laugh about it. A funny short movie.

Vatika : Rough expressive pencil storyboard

Vatika : storyboardThis story board shows four different stories coming together in the end. In all four stories there is a pretty woman with beautiful hair. They all use the same hair product which makes their hair so strong they can make a catapult with it. The story board clearly shows the purpose and functioning of the product.