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Senior portraits

Senior portraits

Our entertainment services include senior portraits which is a unique field of work. Our professional illustrators are able to perfectly display a senior person to the detail to make sure he is represented properly.

We guarantee high quality and perfection on each of our illustrations.

Our extensive portfolio shown below proves the creativeness and amazing skills of our illustrators who will make a senior portrait to the client's satisfaction. Our clients speak highly of the work we have provided them with and are dazzled with the artistic skills our illustrators put into the portraits.

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Kind Hearted : Senior portrait

Kind Hearted : Senior portraitThis artistic portrait of a senior citizen displays the character of the person perfectly. The rough using of lines makes this portrait creative looking yet the detail makes this woman shine. A sophisticated and classy senior citizen portrait which will be a memory to keep in a special place.

Thoughtfulness : Senior portrait

Thoughtfulness : Senior portraitThe senior citizen on this portrait just shines off the paper. His smile and expression are amazing and the look in his eyes say more then words. This is a happy man and he has been portrayed amazingly. The detail make sure his character is well represented and the use of rough pensil make this a piece of art.

Playful Mood : Senior portrait

Playful Mood : Senior portraitThis casual yet very catching portrait of a senior citizen has amazing detail. He is displayed perfectly and his character really shows on this image. The rough use of a pencil make this portrait artistic and the black and white shows the man sophisticated as he is.

Forever Young : Senior portrait

Forever Young : Senior portraitThis beautiful lady is perfectly displayed in this senior citizen portrait. Her characteristics and amazing eyes make this portrait look personal and realistic. The use of the rough pensil and the excellent details show an amazing image of this woman. A perfect memory to keep forever.

Couples Forever : Senior portrait

Couples Forever : Senior portraitThis elderly couple is portrayed amazingly in this image. The details and facial expressions make this a realistic, unique and artistic senior citizen portrait. The colors used compliment the couple and make them shine in this excellent image. Though they are represented beautifully as individuals, the portrait makes the couple one.

Glory Days : Senior portrait

Glory Days : Senior portraitThe details of this senior citizen portrait are amazing. Every feature of this man is well represented and his character is perfectly displayed. His smile and shining expression make this portrait more then a simple image of a person. The coloring and roughly used pencil make the illustration unique, creative and a wonderfull memory to keep.

Adorable Couple : Senior portrait

Adorable Couple : Senior portraitThis happy couple is represented perfectly in this senior citizen portrait. The excellent coloring and details make their personalities shine from the image. This unique portrait is made by one of our professional illustrators who has displayed the characteristics of the couple beautifully. An amazing piece of art to keep on a special place.

Deep Vision : Senior portrait

Deep Vision : Senior portraitThis beautiful portrait of a senior citizen has excellent detail which displays this man rightfully. His personality and character is amazingly portrayed and say more then words about this person. The rough pencil and the black and white used by our professional illustrator make this senior citizen look sophisticated.

Graceful Moments : Senior portrait

Graceful Moments : Senior portraitThe amazing smile of this man is beautifully illustrated in this senior citizen portrait. The details our professional illustrator is showing on this image displays the facial features amazingly. The characteristics of this man are well represented and the black and white used make this person look sophisticated and classy.