Cartoon storyboards

Cartoon storyboards

Our extensive portfolio on cartoon story boards shown below proves the excellent skills of our professional illustrators.

We deliver unique and high quality work and every story is prominent in its own way. We can make anything work, from a simple idea to a start of a story.

Our illustrators will be able to make creative and prominent story boards which have satisfied our clients every time. The meaning of the story or purpose of the product are made clear and we take the target audience of our client in consideration on every story board we create.

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Bitamor : Cartoon storyboard

Bitamor : storyboardThis highly detailed story board shows a story of a vampire who wants to attack a sleeping women. He enters her room but as he takes away the sheets, he notices she is wearing a protective necklace and he flees. The necklace protects against vampires, who everyone fears.

Dabur Honey : Cartoon storyboard

Dabur Honey : storyboardA nicely detailed story board about great service at a luxurous hotel. You can see the services are so great, you can ask for drinks anywhere, eat as much as you want and order what you want, even crackers with peanutbutter. The story is immediately clear and viewers will recognise the great services offered.

Hajmola : Cartoon storyboard

Hajmola : storyboardTwo bags of Hajmola are sitting on a plate on the dinner table. Two different flavors are walking around while the originally show bags are embracing each other. All four flavors are shown and while the two bags of Hajmola on the plate are falling in love, the two other flavors jump to the story board.

KCT : Cartoon storyboard

KCT : storyboardThis story board centers on the logo of KCT Trading. It is a shot video in drawing in which you can see the creation of the logo of the company. The story is explained on the story board and the short movie will be immediately clear to viewers.

Maggi : Cartoon storyboard

Maggi : storyboardThis story board has nice detail and colors which make the story line more understandable. A familyhome and it's dinner time. Everyone is busy doing their own things and the mother is preparing dinner. The products is cooked easy and fast and within no time the whole family is eating.

Pahadi Maina : Cartoon storyboard

Pahadi Maina : storyboardA highly detailed and very clear story board which can be perfectly used for a commercial. The settings and drawn frames make the course of the story understandable. The descriptions added make sure the right expressions are linked to the frames. A feel-good, happy story line.