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Loose pen on pencil storyboards

Loose pen on pencil storyboards

We have an excellent portfolio of loose pen on pencil story boards listed below.

Our illustrators work magic and deliver professional and unique work. Any genre and any category is possible. From short artistic movies to commercials directed to children, our illustrators can create it all.

Our clients have been nothing but satisfied of the work we provide. All of our story boards stand out and express the purpose of the product or the meaning of the story in an excellent way. By using the loose pen on pencil technique the sketches make the story clear and understandable immediately.

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Antiseptic Liquid Board : Loose pen on pencil storyboard

Antiseptic Liquid Board : storyboardA story board that describes the script to the detail. The purpose and working of the product is instantly clear and the descriptions make it understandable how the final product is going to look. The product and its working is explained perfectly and the story will be recognisable to the viewer.

MM Mall : Loose pen on pencil storyboard

MM Mall : storyboardThe second version of a commercial story board representing a mall. The details make the storyboard understandable on instant and the comic story makes this short storyboard perfect for a commercial. The explanation with the frames enlightens the story and the intended situation scetch.

Dabur Honey : Loose pen on pencil storyboard

Dabur Honey : storyboardA short story board which urges people to use honey instead of sugar. The commercial teaches it is healthier and its flavors are better. The different scenarios are all recognisable and viewers can relate to the various situations and reasonings. The product is represented very well in the story line.

Dabur : Loose pen on pencil storyboard

Dabur : storyboardA short story board for a beauty product with a coconut scent. Two short scenarios are displayed in which the women use the product. In the first scenario the woman is recognised by the scent. In the second scenario the child is found by the father. The product name is represented twice in the story line.

Melt step three story board : Loose pen on pencil storyboard

Melt step three story board : storyboardA nicely detailed second version of a storyboard about young love. A simple yet very recognisable storyline about a young boy and girl falling in love. Everyone remembers the first time they fell in love or having feelings for someone else and this short black and white storyboard tells it perfectly.

Chyawanprash : Loose pen on pencil storyboard

Chyawanprash : storyboardA short story board for a product that enhances your speed. The father comes home and the boy runs off to the playground. He gets icecream, but one of the other kids steals it. He tries to run after them but he's not fast enough. The father tells mother to give the product to the son and after taking it he's so fast he can cycle faster then a full speed train.