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Quirky monochrome storyboards

Quirky monochrome storyboards

Our quirky monochrome story boards are simple yet high quality work. Made in black and white and with a sketching but very clear style, the story immediately pops out and is made clear to the viewer.

Our illustrators make sure we deliver innovative story boards, targeted to the audience our client wants to reach.

We guarantee unique and professional story boards and all of our clients are very satifsfied with the work we have provided them with. Story boards are available for any genre and anything is possible due to our excellent and creative illustrators.

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Make your partner melt : Quirky monochrome storyboard

Make  your partner melt : storyboardA nicely detailed storyboard about young love. A simple yet very recognisable storyline about a young boy and girl falling in love. Everyone remembers the first time they fell in love or having feelings for someone else and this short black and white storyboard tells it perfectly.

MM Mall : Quirky monochrome storyboard

MM Mall : storyboardA funny storyboard about a robber stealing a purse. A policeman sees him and starts running after him, but passes the robber to arrive first at the mall. The details make the storyboard understandable on instant and the comic story makes this short storyboard perfect for a commercial.

Rasna : Quirky monochrome storyboard

Rasna : storyboardMen are playing cricket and a boy is watching and dreaming of playing along. His mother is watching too, she makes the drink Rasna. One of the players calls the boy and lets him help with his equipment. The mother brings drinks for the both of them but the boy drinks them both. The man comes after him and the boy makes another Rasna drink for him.

8f : Quirky monochrome storyboard

8f : storyboardA short storyboard about a woman who has loved and lost. The course of her life is displayed as she has fashbacks of the happy moments she has known. Now she stands alone in a big world. The nice details make the meaning of the story clear immediately and it is recognisable to anyone.

Treadmil : Quirky monochrome storyboard

Treadmil : storyboardA very recognisable storyboard in this modern world. No one likes to work out and get the feeling the whole world is watching, so in this day and age people prefer to work out at home. This storyboard tells that story perfectly and people can relate to it.